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What is Bugurly Insurance ?

Protect your business against financial losses resulting from burglary or theft.

Burglary Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides protection for individuals or businesses in the event of burglary, theft, or attempted theft. This type of insurance policy can cover the losses or damages caused by burglars who break into the insured property, steal personal or business assets, or cause physical damages to the property.

The coverage of Burglary Insurance can vary depending on the policy terms and conditions. It may include protection for stolen or damaged goods, damages caused to the property during the burglary, and even personal injury to the insured or their employees. The policy may also specify certain exclusions, such as specific items that are not covered or situations where the policy does not apply. Burglary Insurance can be essential in providing peace of mind to individuals and businesses and protecting them from unexpected financial losses.

Bugurly Insurance

Who should buy Bugurly Insurance ?

Burglary Insurance is suitable for businesses that store valuable goods or equipment, such as :

  1. Jewelry stores
  2. Banks
  3. Pharmacies
  4. Electronic stores
  5. Art galleries
  6. All Businesses

Burglary Insurance is something to consider for businesses looking to protect their assets from theft or burglary.

What does a Bugurly Insurance policy cover ?

There are three types of coverage available for purchase that cater to different levels of protection for theft, robbery, and gang-robbery incidents.

  1. The first type, known as Form แบบ จร.1. Theft, only provides coverage for theft incidents that involve visible signs of forced entry to the insured premises using tools or violent force. This type of coverage also includes losses or damages caused by explosives, electrical and chemical attempts at theft.
  2. The second type, known as Form แบบ จร.2. Burglary, provides the same level of protection as Form Chor.1, but it also covers robbery or hold-up incidents that involve tampering or breaking into the insured premises.
  3. Lastly, Form แบบ จร.3 Burglary, robbery, gang-robbery, provides the highest level of protection among the three types, covering all incidents included in Form Chor.2 but without requiring signs of forced entry.

It's important to note that certain items are not covered by these insurance policies. These items include money, gold, jewelry, antiques, art objects, coins, manuscripts, title deeds, plans, paintings, designs, patterns, or prints, as well as liabilities collateral, securities, important documents, postage stamps, duty stamps, currency, banknotes, credit cards, cheques, accounts, or any business books, unless explicitly included in the policy.

Bugurly Insurance
Bugurly Insurance

How much does a Bugurly Insurance policy cost ?

The premium rates for Bugurly Insurance are mainly determined by the following factors.

  1. Insured Amount
  2. Industry Type
  3. Nature of business activities
  4. Crime rate in area
  5. Prior claims history
  6. Number of locations
  7. Value of stock and equipment
  8. Security measures implemented

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