Car insurance based on car models

Compare car insurance in Thailand

CheckDi offers comparison service for car insurance buyers. We have combined many insurance companies together for you to compare to make your experience in buying car insurance in Thailand simple and easy. Not only we focus on simplicity, we also want car insurance buyers to find the car insurance plan that would suit them the most and to find the premiums range that they want. You can find and read more about car insurance coverage or get quotes for your car insurance in Thailand instantly.

Why is comparing car insurance before purchasing a policy so important ?

As there are now more than 30 insurance companies in Thailand offering car insurance policies, it is very important to always compare between car insurance premiums, prices, and coverage policies to find the plan the will suit you the most.

Not only there are tons of insurance companies in Thailand, there are so many car makes and models, in which each car model will have different sets of coverage details, premiums that are totally different then one another. You can check the coverage details and premium based on the car makes and models below.

Car insurance quotes based on car makes and models