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Positions Available

Customer Support - ฝ่ายดูแลลูกค้า
Online Customer Care
Coordinate with Insurers and Clients.
Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, mail or social media.
Cancel, upgrade or downgrade insurance policies.
Assist with placement of purchases and refunds.
Sell products and services.
Motor Underwriter (Admin)
Study Insurance Proposals
Gather and assess background information in order to effectively assess the risk involved.
Coordinate with Insurance Companies.
Study the Insurance Company's offer and negotiate with them in behalf of the client.
Health & PA Underwriter (Admin)


Report to the Health & PA manger
In charge of handling quotations for New and Renew Policies
Handling requests from both clients and the insurance companies
In charge of Invididual and group clients
Meet clients from time-to-time
Work premit provided