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Start earning selling motor and nonomtor insurance to your customers base right away.

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We prioritize efficient customer management through our system to provide the best customer experience, recognizing that each customer is a valued legacy.

Our insurance coverage

Allow us to manage every aspect of the coverage process on your behalf, freeing you to focus on sales and customer care

CheckDi+ app CheckDi+ App

This application is a user-friendly tool designed specifically to simplify the insurance sales process, aiming to assist insurance agents and brokers.

Become an insurance agent with CheckDi

How to become an agent?

Begin your journey as an insurance agent with a quick and straightforward application process, and gain immediate access to our system.

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Complete our online agent application form, which is both the quickest and simplest way to apply.

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After you have applied on our site, we will send you a confirmation email to you for the approval of your account

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Our Application

What do we offer ?

Easy to use mobile Application
Download the app, log in, and complete your sale instantly.
Always prioritize selling the products that best meet your needs.
Instantly compare insurance premiums and commissions to fulfill the needs of both you and your customers.
Your customers are our priority.
Implement a customer insurance renewal notification system, supported by a dedicated renewal team.
High Commission
We offer a high percentage of commission. Other brands offer to pay 4-8% at best. We pay up to 20%.
Variety of Payment methods
Accept all forms of payment, Credit Card, QR Code, installments.
High security
Guarantee the safety of customer information.
Purchase it yourself and enjoy a competitive price.
Enjoy high discounted premiums after added of your commission.
Let Checkdi takes care of it for you
With the Checkdi App, you can seamlessly access your customer's insurance information at any time, thanks to full integration.
Rewards program
Increase your rewards by sending your customers with us.

Our Partners

We have hand-picked insurance companies that we work with, so your customers are always in good hands.

Manage your affiliate customers, payouts, and many more via our CheckDi+ App.

Earn referral fees by promoting our site to your audience. With CheckDi Partners App, you can earn big while helping others discover our convenient and innovative financial services. Join our affiliate program today and start earning commission for every successful referral.

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