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Start offering/selling insurance as an add-on/standalone product on your websites/apps. API-Ready. Fast and Secured.

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Start offering insurance on your platform. Create meaningful value for your customers while growing your revenue and reducing costs.

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Connect to the our API insurance gateway to begin offering insurance services

Our API Insurance gateway is a system that will help you design and offer insurance services to your customers or businesses. Our insurance API supports every online platform, established businesses, and even agents.

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Ticket Insurance

Websites/apps selling tickets for buses, ferries, trains, and other modes of transportation can provide customers with the option of adding insurance to their ticket purchases.

Travel Insurance

Websites/apps that provide tour packages to various destinations may allow users to add travel insurance to their tour package purchase or you want to just simply offer travel insurance on your site.

Car Insurance

website for secound hand used car, car loans; It is possible to allow customers to attach insurance when purchasing a car or applying for a loan.

Delivery Insurance

Deilivery service providers can provide their customers with insurance options for their deilivery.

Home and Condo Insurance

A website for selling houses and condos that would like to offer home insurance to their clients , or a real estate management application that would also like to manage every aspect of the real estate, can do so by providing insurance service through us.

Health Insurance

Health tracking applications, hospitals can also use our system to offer health insurance to your customers.

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Our solutions

Whether dealing with insurers, issuing insurance policies, tailor-made products for your business or dealing with rules & regulations in each country, we have got you covered.

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We bring everything to you

We are the bridge between you and the insurance company. Every time there is an insurance policy sold in your system, our API will send us all the information that we will then send to the insurance company through a secure network. We also deal with the rules and regulations for you so you don't have worry about them.

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How Does It Work?

A press of a button from the customer from your system will trigger the API, sending all the information needed to make a policy through to our system.

We received this information and would then pass it on to the individual insurance companies. We maintain and manage all the complex connections to every insurance company possible, so you can skip all the hassle.

Send the policy straight to your client. Or receive them physically and then mail them to their address for you.

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Why partner with us ?

We have helped business/brands offering new revenue stream, creating value for your customers.

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Easy and Simple API

Our API is designed with developers in mind.It is simple and easy to code. This will get you up and running in no time and at a very low development cost.

Law and Regulation

You won't have to worry about millions of laws and regulations when dealing with insurance. We will take care of that for you.

Tailor-Made Policy

We can tune the policy to fit your business and your customers. We will get you the tailor-made policy that you are looking for and tune the coverage to be just right for your business.

Complete and Transparent Reporting

Not only is the system reliable. We also provide every partner with a complete and transparent reporting dashboard to keep track of everything.

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New revenue stream

Open a new revenue stream for your business and reduce costs.

Open a new revenue stream for your business while creating meaningful experience for your customers on your platform. Enhance your existing products with our tailor-made insurance policies just for your business in an instant.

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