About CheckDi



CheckDi is an Insurance Brokerage operating at the heart of South East Asia, with our headquarters based in bustling Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in providing General Insurance solutions tailored for individuals, families, companies, and expatriates within the region. Our team comprises dedicated individuals proficient in English and Thai, ensuring personalized and comprehensive service to meet your insurance needs. At CheckDi, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, considering it the cornerstone of our operations. Collaborating with over 40 insurance providers, we offer an extensive range of choices, empowering our clients with limitless options. Our platform hosts a user-friendly comparison site covering all types of insurance, aimed at helping you secure the best deals available. We continually strive to enhance and streamline the insurance comparison process, ensuring a smarter and more efficient experience for you.

Countries We Operate In

CheckDi currently operates in Thailand and the Philippines, providing insurance solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses in these regions. Our commitment to excellence and customer-centric service drives our operations in these countries. Looking ahead, CheckDi aspires to expand its operations and reach to serve a wider audience. We have plans to extend our services to additional regions in the near future, aiming to become a leading insurance solution provider across various countries in South East Asia.


CheckDi envisions becoming the ultimate web destination for all insurance needs across Thailand and the broader South East Asian region within the next 5 years. Our goal is to simplify the decision-making process for our clients by providing readily available information while offering a more extensive range of insurance options compared to other comparison websites.