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One Coverage for all vehicles. Save up to 80% from normal car insurance.

Premium starts at 2,890 THB

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What is Drive Any Car Insurance Thailand

A new type of car insurance that covers driver and every car that are driven. One Coverage for all vehicles. If there are many cars that are normally used regularly. Paying insurance premiums for multiple vehicles together will make the premiums more expensive than paying for insurance for just the driver. and can drive any car Save up to 80% on insurance premiums.

Save more when you have multiple cars to drive.
2,890 THB
Class 3
8,500 THB
Class 3+ sum insured 100,000
10,000 THB
Class 3+ sum insured 200,000

Types of Car Insurance by Miles

Drive any vehicles - One Coverage for all vehicles
No inspection is required. A valid license is needed to apply.
No additional Accessories need to be install inside the cars
Provide Coverage 24 hours of everyday
This plan will not cover Super cars, imported cars, and sport cars.

Vehicles that are not covered

Vehicles that are not covered : Super & Sport Cars for Class 3+
Make Model
BMW 750F, I4, I7, IX, M2, M240I, M3, M340I, M4, M440I, M5, M760LI, M8, M850I, X3M, X4M, XM, Z4
BENZ A45, C43, C63, CL500, CL500BLUE, CL500BLUEAMG, CLA35, CLA45, CLS53, CLS55AMG, E53, E55AMG, E63, EQS, G63, GLA45, GLC43, GLC63, GTS3, GT63, GTC, GTR, GTS, MAYBACHS500, MAYBACHS560, MAYBACHS580, MAYBGLS600, S500, S500BLUEEEFFI, S560, SL400, SL43, SL500BLUEEEFFICI, SL55AMG, SLC43, SLK55, SLS
FORD Mustang, GT

Insurance terms and conditions

Type 3 and Type 3 Plus

The insured must have a valid driving license that is not revoked
Covers driving vehicles for personal use only (does not cover driving vehicles for commercial or hire purposes)
Covers any vehicles registered as private cars, including private cars with no more than 12 seats, and private pickup trucks with a total weight not exceeding 4 tons
Does not cover rental cars or test drives
In case of no claims, a good record will be granted for the renewal year, subject to the company's conditions
Special! MSIG Roadside Assistance 24 hours nationwide, subject to the company's conditions

For Type 3 Plus only

If the vehicle is damaged from a collision with a land vehicle where the insured is the other party due to the insured's driving, the repair will be done at an authorized garage
Does not cover high-performance vehicles (Super Cars or Sport Cars) as listed, modified vehicles with installed equipment such as steel frames or roofs, vehicles intended for transportation or delivery of passengers or goods

Insurance importance & exclusions

Exemption of details regarding the vehicle being driven - This insurance does not cover

Any vehicles not registered as private cars or private pickup trucks with the Department of Land Transport, including private cars with more than 12 seats, private pickup trucks with a total weight exceeding 4 tons, modified vehicles with installed equipment such as steel frames or roofs, or vehicles intended for transporting passengers or goods
High-performance vehicles (Super Cars or Sport Cars), meaning passenger cars designed for use with an emphasis on speed, having a sporty appearance, using advanced production technology, and having high engine performance

Exclusions of this policy

Property for which the insured is legally liable, or property owned, kept, controlled, or possessed by the insured's spouse, parents, or children
Damage to weighbridges, vehicular bridges, railway bridges, roads, runways, walkways, fields, or anything underneath caused by vibration, vehicle weight, or vehicle load
Damage or loss of luggage or other property carried in or on the vehicle, being loaded onto or unloaded from the vehicle, or being lifted by the vehicle from one place to another
Damage to property caused by leakage of chemicals or hazardous materials carried in the vehicle, unless the leakage is caused by a vehicle accident or leakage of gas or fuel for operating the vehicle
Using the vehicle outside the territory of Thailand
Using the vehicle illegally, such as for robbery, theft, or transporting drugs, whether the vehicle is modified or not, or using the vehicle to flee from criminal acts or to evade inspection or arrest by authorities
Using the vehicle for racing or speed testing
Using the vehicle for towing or pushing, unless the towed or pushed vehicle is also insured with the company or is a vehicle designed for towing or has an inter-locking brake system
Liability arising from a contract made by the driver, where such liability would not have arisen without the contract
The insured driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants according to land traffic laws
The insured person who, while driving, has narcotics under the law on narcotics or has substances affecting the mind and nervous system under the law on substances affecting the mind and nervous system in the body, until being prosecuted under the land traffic law, and the insured person has admitted or the court has rendered a final judgment imposing a penalty for such offense
Damage to the motor vehicle not caused by a collision with a land vehicle
Depreciation or wear and tear of the motor vehicle / Breakage of the motor vehicle's mechanical parts or failure or stoppage of the motor vehicle's mechanical or electrical parts not caused by an accident
Direct damage to the motor vehicle caused by overloading or exceeding the permitted number of passengers, not caused by an accident
Damage to the motor vehicle's tires caused by tearing or explosion, except where there is damage to other parts of the motor vehicle at the same time
Damage caused by lack of use of the motor vehicle, except where such lack of use is due to the company's delay in repairing or unreasonably slow repair
The driver whose driving license is revoked while driving the motor vehicle
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