Terms and Conditions


CheckDi is a website that allows you to compare different insurance companies. CheckDi can only give a rough estimate of the different services you are looking for. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


CheckDi shows you the different prices from a wide range of insurance companies. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact support. CheckDi will serve as a middle man between client and insurance company, making the process simpler for the client.

Agreeing to sign with us means you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, we will be handling all your concerns regarding your purchase, if in any case you need to file a claim and require assistance CheckDi will be of service. We will also be reminding you of your expiry dates and if your insurance is up for renewal.

Company Information

CheckDi is a company under Akarabroker Co. Ltd.

Roles and Responsibilities

CheckDi Compare prices to supply It depends on the information you have provided to us. This information is up to you whether correct or not. So to fill the forms. The website should be checked carefully before sending information to confirm with us. If the information is incorrect or faulty. The comparison may be something that does not match reality, or does not match what you want.

To agree on the prices we compare them with you through our website. You will need to link to the company website. And forward your details to the insurance website. In order to accept the terms of use policy. Or contact via phone To determine the accuracy of your data before using the service.

So read and understand the terms and conditions of the site and our company is very important. Before ordering a product or service from the provider. The terms and conditions of service, they may differ from ours. I ask that you read and understand thoroughly before agreeing to a price comparison.

A very important aspect that you have explained and / or understanding of the terms and conditions. The recommendations themselves. Please read the document carefully and study the insurance cover offered. The policy document Restrictive conditions And agreements That is accurate, clear

Messages or terms and conditions. No application documents or insurance documents of any kind in the insurance application. You must apply through price comparison you get a call or an insurance company only. Our service is free! But for you to serve our performance continues to provide you further. Therefore, we charge only slightly from our insurance company. We always welcome new members If you are an insurance provider in Thailand. I would like to share with us. Please contact us


We are proud of our commitment to providing our customers the best level of service. In case of errors or problems. We'd love to hear from you, which is a problem for our customers. That is one way to help us improve the quality of services to be more efficient. You can email us Or call us We welcome the suggestion and we will take action as soon as possible.

If your complaint involves an insurance company. Products and services from insurance companies Or policies of insurance companies We encourage you to visit the websites of insurance companies that directly follow the complaints procedure of the insurance company. For a quick solution even more. We may be unable to respond to questions or complaints to the insurance or those products or services that you order directly.