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Main Points of Travel Insurance Thailand

Premium starts at 170 THB

Going out of Thailand to anywhere in the world, premium starting at 170 thb only.

Wide range of plans

We have selected the best plans with the best premiums you to compare and buy, so you can travel worry free.

Online 24/7

Compare plans and buy online with us anytime and anywhere you want. Our website is there 24/7!

All covers under one policy

Covers like Emergency Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Liability, Trip Cancellation, Baggage, Delay and may more are covered in these policies.

No Extra Fees

The premiums and the prices you see on the website is the price you pay. No hidden charges and addtional fees.

Fast and Easy

Fast Simple and Easy. Compare and start the application process within minutes. Super simple!

Types of Travel insurance in Thailand

Travel Insurance is a must for anyone traveling, the best way to be safe for unforeseen expenses is to be insured. There are so many stories about travellers getting stuck in a place that is not their home because of huge medical bills they cannot pay. The best way to travel is to travel with peace of mind.

Outbound Travel Insurance (Medical Only) - Going out of Thailand

Outbound Travel Insurance means you are going out of your country of residence (Thailand). This type of insurance will include Personal Accident Cover for Death and Dismemberment and Medical Expenses for illnesses and injuries.

Outbound Travel Insurance - Going out of Thailand

There is also a more comprehensive Outbound Travel Insurance that covers more than just Death and Dismemberment and Medical Expenses for Illness and Injuries. This type of Travel Insurance will have coverage for Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Trip Postponement, Trip Cancellation. Some policies also cover loss of money, loss of baggage. This type of insurance is tailor made for travelers and provides coverage for some of the unfortunate events that might occur when traveling.

Inbound Travel Insurance - Coming to Thailand

Inbound Travel Insurance covers you in Thailand. If you are a tourist and you are only here for a short period of time, this is what is recommended for you. Clients usually ask about health insurance for 2 months or 3 months only, but Health Insurance contracts are only annual. If you are in Thailand for a vacation or a short business trip, this is the insurance for you.

To find the best plans for car and yourself, you must always compare between available plans and options and also take a look at the terms and conditions from both of the insurance companies and the OIC thoroughly.

Steps to buy Outbound Travel Insurance in Thailand

Buying outbound travel insurance is simple & easy

To apply for outbound travel insurance, you can buy them directly online and get your purchased policies via Email :

  1. Apply through our website or contact a customer service representative.
  2. Pay Invoice Premium
  3. You’re covered.
  4. The original documents (policy) will be sent to your email.

Buying inbound travel insurance is simple & easy

To apply for inbound travel insurance, the steps will be as below :

  1. Apply through our website or contact a customer service representative.
  2. Submit a copy of your Passport or National ID. (Not all companies require this, this is only required for Inbound Travel Insurance)
  3. Pay Invoice Premium
  4. You’re covered.
  5. Your coverage policy will be sent to your via E-mail, if you are applying for Annual insurance a card may be sent to your specified address depending on the company.

You can send addtional documents to us by LINE Chat with us or by Email [email protected]


Do I really need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a way for you to have peace of mind, you can be the most careful person in the world but, traveling is unpredictable and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Why do I need Travel insurance when I already have Health insurance?

Some health insurance companies cover trips outside your country only for 30-60 days, if you are going to be gone for more than that, then the smart thing to do is buy extra travel insurance for the days over 30 or 60 days.

I have travel insurance with my credit-card but I want to have more coverage, Can I used this together with my credit-card insurance?

Yes, if in any case you go over your insurance limit, the extra travel insurance will be useful.

Is there a hotline for emergencies?

Yes, every insurance company is required to have a Emergency hotline both Outbound and Inbound.

How do I claim for medical expenses, while overseas?

Be sure to keep all receipts and medical certificates when traveling as the only way to claim for medical expenses is to submit these to your insurer. We will help you claim for these as long as you have the complete documents.

What If I lose my baggage, will I be covered for that?

Each policy is different, if you want coverage for your belongings you can pick a plan that covers that, if you want a plan that only covers medical you can also do that. It depends on what plan you choose.

What If I don’t have a police report, will I still be able to claim?

All insurance companies require police reports when claiming for loss baggage or belongings, this is to avoid Insurance Fraud.

How long until I get my l policy ?

For both outbound and inbound travel insurance, most companies on our website are instant. So after you make a purchase, you will get the an email from us with the policy and the reciepts instantly. However for some other insurance companies, we will send them to your email within 1 working business day.

How to contact you ?

You can always call us at our Hotline : 02-985-9000 or Chat with us LINE@ @checkdi or Email us : [email protected]

Office hours Mon-Fri : 08:00 - 17:30

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