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Car extended warrenty insurance Thailand
Car extended warrenty insurance Thailand Vehicle Details

Coverage of Extended Car Warranty Insurance

An extended warranty insurance policy provides coverage for different spare parts of your vehicle that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and are also not covered by car insurance in most countries.

Different Insurance Providers might Cover different parts and systems of the car so make sure be for the purchase that the Provider and Plan you pick are suitable for you.

Examples of Parts that might be covered


Pistons, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshafts, main bearings, valves, valve trains, camshafts, cylinder blocks, flywheels, timing chains, timing gears, Oil pump, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valve liner, piston ring, cylinder, timing belt tensioner, timing belt, timing belt cover, engine oil cooler, timing chain tensioner, camshaft housing, hydraulic valve, oil filter housing, crankcase, oil pressure switch, smooth belt pulley, water hose, seals Valve, Thrust, Front engine seal, Electro-hydraulic valve, Timing chain guide, Timing chain tensioner, Valve rocker, Piston pin, Oil ring, Oil level sensor, Sensor Catch the crankshaft signal, pushrod, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft angle gear, variable valve timing system, camshaft angle valve, flywheel, crankshaft adjuster, half assembly engine, 3/4 assembly engine, pre-assembled engine, spring hydraulic flywheel, valve seat, valve spring, balance shaft, oil pump pressure relief valve

Gear system

Support/power shaft, main/drive shaft, auxiliary shaft, pinion gear, reverse gear, synchromesh ring set, internal gear bearing, gear pinion shaft, pinion gear, gear housing, clutch pump upper case, lower clutch pump, 4WD gearbox, outer gear bearing, synchronizer cartridge, Torque converter, automatic transmission oil pump, gear brake, planetary gear (Planetary gear), manual and automatic transmission module, transmission control box, gear case, automatic transmission oil cooler, transmission system Disc gear system, CVT gear pulley, valve control device, clutch system, transmission solenoid valve, Gearshift valve actuator, CVT transmission belt, CVT transmission chain, Transmission control board/Valve body, Transmission preassembled, CVT transmission mechanism Double-latch, mechanical part of the transmission

Differential set and propeller shaft

Differential and four-wheel drive bearings, four-wheel drive, bevel gears, axle housings, differential housings, shims, multidisc differential clutch, differential flange, pre-assembled differential assembly, bevel gear, pig spur gear, cosmic gear, rear differential lock set, four-wheel drive system


Driveshaft, CV drive shaft head, propeller shaft, anti-skid speed sensor, anti-skid hydraulic unit, anti-skid pressure accumulator, anti-skid hydraulic pump Skids, propeller shaft bearings, wheel bearings

Steering system

steering gear/steering rack, Steering oil pump, Steering control box, Steering electronics, Steering assist motor, Steering angle sensor, Power oil pressure switch, Sensor Steering torque, electric steering column lock

Fuel system

fuel tank pump, injection pump, intake manifold mass air sensor, fuel distribution valve, fuel injection valve, electronic engine control box, turbocharger, valve control device or Throttle motor, idle control valve, engine temperature sensor, fuel pump relay, throttle position sensor, throttle valve, throttle flange, throttle position sensor, EGR Valve, Intake Manifold Air Pressure Sensor, Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve, Fuel Cut Off Valve, Auxiliary Air Valve, Fuel Injector, Turbo Control Valve, Wheel Speed ​​Sensor, Fuel Injection Mechanism, fuel system solenoid valve, crankshaft angle sensor, supercharge, valve control device or intake manifold motor, fuel vapor trap solenoid valve, Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, Clutch pedal sensor, Brake light switch, Engine torque sensor, Fuel pump, Fuel rail pressure sensor, Fuel pump control box, fuel system high-pressure pump,Fuel System Auxiliary Pressure Sensor, Fuel System Sensor, NOx Sensor, Fuel Pressure Balance Sensor, Fuel Needle Sensor, Suction Control Valve, Diesel System Pressure Pump, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, A/C Heater Lou, AdBlue Pump, AdBlue Control Box, AdBlue Injector, Exhaust Electric Throttle

Electrical system

Alternator, electric tension device, starter motor, solenoid switch, distributor, ignition control box, ignition coil, travel processing device, horn, switch Push start/stop the engine, Speedometer, Spark plug wires, Ignition harness, Top dead center sensor, Pre-ignition sensor, A/C fan (in cabin), Wiper motor, Key start/stop switch, Hall current sensor, Fuse box, Glow relay, Electronics box. Control the body electrical system, motor and generator set, parking assistance control box, immobilizer system control box, pulley alternator, power tie

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning compressor, condenser coil, air conditioning cooling fan, evaporator coil, automatic air conditioning control panel, air conditioning control box, compressor clutch

Brake system

Brake master cylinder, brake booster, brake piston, brake fluid pressure level control unit, brake caliper, ABS brake system control box, ABS hydraulic unit, ABS brake system sensor, system vacuum pump Brake, Pneumatic brake pressure accumulator, Pneumatic brake control box, Handbrake control box

Exhaust system

The oxygen sensor, exhaust air compressor, valve for exhaust air compressor, cooling system EGR valve

Cooling system

Radiator, water pump, heating panel, water valve, cooling fan, fan clutch, cooling fan control sensor, auxiliary water pump, cooling fan control box, water valve housing

Safety system

safety system control box, airbag system wiring and seat belt tensioning system, slip ring, crash sensor, sensor under the passenger seat, safety system connector plug, retracting system control box safety belt, lane keeping system control box, Electronic box for pre-collision warning system, tire pressure sensor, tire pressure monitoring system control box, driving stability system control box, body centrifugal sensor (Lateral), system control box Anti-skid, brake oil pressure sensor, body centrifugal force sensor (Yaw)

Facilities equipment

Window lifter motor, sunroof motor, central locking motor, seat adjustment control box, door window lifter switch, power window control box, front window chaser system, rear window chaser system, switch Sunroof control, sunroof control box, central lock switch, side mirror control box, retractable roof control box, door system control box

Weight support system

Lower wishbone, upper wishbone, wishbone bushing, electric parts, stabilizer bar, stabilizer bar ball joint, stabilizer bar bushing, front shock absorber socket, neck, spring, ball joint, ball joint, torsion bar, leaf spring rear, trailing arm

Steps to apply for Car insurance in Thailand

Buying car insurance is simple & easy

To apply for car insurance, we will need the documents from you below (This applies to every insurance company) :

  1. Apply through our website or contact a customer service representative.
  2. Submit a copy of your Passport or Thai Driving License.
  3. Submit a copy of your Green book or Registration or Deed of Sale.
  4. Pay Invoice Premium
  5. You’re covered.
  6. The original documents (policy) will be sent to your mailing address within 7-14 days

You can send additional documents to us by Email [email protected]

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