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Coverage of Critical Illness Insurance

Different Critical Illness insurance plan covers different critical illness there can be a very big difference between each plan by each provider and the illness they cover entirely depend on which plan you chose that fits you. 


Non-invasive Cancer and Invasive Cancer can have a very big difference is the limit sum insured for each type and stage of cancer since the treatment of non-invasive cancer and invasive cancer are very different. Most Cancer policies will cover every type of cancer.


coronary artery disease, Acute Heart Attack.  Since Heart complications can hit anyone and at every stage in life. It is important to be reading, Heart complication is one of the top critical illness the most serious, and have the most death worldwide just after cancer. 


Cerebral Aneurysm, Major Stroke, Major Head Trauma. Choosing the coverage with brain-related critical illness is recommended even though brain-related critical illness is not as common as cancer or heart disease it is a crucial organ in our body and a single brain-related critical illness is very serious in that it is hard to recover from.

Kidney & Liver 

Major Organs Transplantation or Bone Marrow Transplantation, Chronic Kidney Failure, Chronic Liver Disease / End-stage Liver disease / Liver Failure, Paralysis of the arm or leg muscle

Major Burn 

Less severe burns / Second-degree burns, Severe burns


Some even cover diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic coma, Limb amputation, Diabetic Nephropathy

Home nursing care benefits due to severe illnesses

Compensation for daily home nursing care benefits

Death Benefit Protection Agreement Loss of limbs, eyesight, or total permanent


Death due to murder or assault is covered at 50% of the sum assured.

This is the major critical illness separation that would normally be used to select coverage in this type of policy the list of illnesses is there as an example and are not tell you what the real coverage of each plan is. Please read the full detail of each plan to know what they cover and what are the exclusions. 

Steps in Applying for Critical Illness Insurance

Buying Critical Illness Insurance in Thailand is simple & easy

To apply for Critical Illness Insurance, we will need the documents from you as mention below (This applies to every insurance company) :
  1. Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for an Application form.
  2. Pay the Invoice Premium
  3. Sent in an application form.
  4. Wait for Accepting Letter.
  5. You are is now Covered.

You can send additional documents to us by email at [email protected]

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