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What is Golf Insurance? What does it cover?

Golf Insurance or golfers' insurance normally has the following coverage:

Third-Party Liability

This covers you if someone else is hurt as a result of your actions while playing golf. If you injure someone else in a golf accident, their medical expenses may be covered by your policy. This however does exclude all costs of damage liability to any other person or property other than yourself as a result of your negligence or if you are intentional.

Loss of life

the insurer will offer you compensation in the event of death from an accident.

Total permanent & temporary disability

The insurer will offer you compensation in the event of an accident that causes a disability. You will typically be entitled to either total or partial disability benefits depending on your condition and the amount of the policy you purchase.

Medical expense

General medical care costs, including physician charges, specialist fees, outpatient and inpatient hospital services, rehabilitation services, and surgery are covered up to the amount

Special prize for “Hole-In-One” from Official tournament at the standard golf course

For Hole-in-One prize at the official tournament on any eligible Golf Course which is in the Insured area.

Special prize for “Hole-In-One” from General practicing apart from Official tournament

For Hole-in-One when practicing and any eligible Golf Course is in the Insured area.

Worldwide Coverage

The premises of the policy can be different it could have worldwide coverage excluding America. Or it could be only in the local country of the insurer. Typically Policies with world wide coverage trends to be more costly.  

Steps in Applying for Golf Insurance

Buying Golf insurance in Thailand is simple & easy.

To apply for golf insurance, we will need the documents from you below (This applies to every insurer):
Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for an Application form.
  1. Submit a Copy of your Passport or verification documents with Verified Signature.
  2. Wait for Offer Letter.
  3. Accept the Offer Letter.
  4. Pay the Invoice Premium
  5. You’re Covered.
  6. Original Policy and Card will be delivered to your specified address in 7-10 business days by Registered EMS.
*Some insurance companies require Work Permit and Visa Stamp. Others only require an Application form and Passport Copy with Verified Signature.
You can send additional documents by Email [email protected]

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