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Professional Indemnity Insurance
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Coverage of Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance

Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance provides legal liability protection for medical professionals. In the event that medical practice does not meet professional or ethical standards caused by negligence and violations, and unintentional damage to the patient. 

General Coverage of Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance

Set amount per case: for example 2,000,000 Thb per case
Set amount per year: for example 4,000,000 Thb per year

This Insurance has a set limit indemnifiable amount and a limit per year.  This limit or coverage plan and your current field of the medical profession is the big factor that will decide the premium of the insurance or to be insured at all.

The premium rate of medical professional Indemnity insurance 

They are generally grouped according to the risk of their field of medical expertise. They are usually divided into 3 groups as follows.

Group 1

Has the lowest insurance premium rate, such as internal medicine, psychiatrist and pathologist, etc.

Group 2

Have a higher premium rate than group 1 such as surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, ear, nose, and throat doctors, etc.

Group 3

Have the highest premium rates, such as obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, and brain surgeons, etc.

Steps in Applying for Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance

Buying Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance in Thailand is simple & easy

Steps in Applying for Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance

To apply for Medical Professional Indemnity Insurance, we will need the required documents from you as mentioned below (This applies to every insurance company) :

  1. Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for an Application form.
  2. Pay the Invoice Premium
  3. Sent in an application form.
  4. Wait for Accepting Letter.
  5. You are is now Covered.

You can send additional documents to us by email at [email protected]

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