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Burglary Property Insurance

Burglary is a criminal offense that can have serious consequences for the individual victim and their community. Theft, burglary, and gang robbery can cause serious damage to the property and the insured. To protect your property, you may want to consider purchasing property insurance.

Main coverage of burglary Property Insurance:

Robbery (stealing, stealing, plundering)

Coverage will protect from theft, burglary, and gang robbery. It will cover the loss of furniture or contents inside your property within the building. In addition to protecting lost items, damage to property is also covered such as tampered with doors or windows. (IT equipment is also covered such as notebooks, mobile, computers, etc.)
It will also cover the damage done to the door or entry point or exits point of said burglary.

Cash Insurance

In case of theft or robbery, cash insurance covers and protects it. In some insurance companies, this coverage covers and protects your home with a limit on the amount of money lost. However, some companies don't cover it at all - check with your agent to see if it's included.

Expense for temporary accommodation

As part of the coverage for temporary accommodation compensation, your insurance company pays you to stay at a hotel or rented room while your home is being repaired because of damage caused by an accident while your home is being repaired. In case your home becomes unlivable, the insurance company will reimburse you for alternative living expenses until your home is livable again. As well, this coverage is limited, and not all companies offer this coverage - you should contact your broker or agent for more information.

Glass Insurance

Damage to the glass or replacement of glass that is installed in your house will be covered as well. Damaged or broken glass due to theft or robbery will be covered under the terms and conditions of an insurance company.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident for home and condo insurance is covered should the accident happen in the home or condo ( Coverage is only available to ages Persons under 70 years old )

Additional coverage

In addition to the main coverage, each insurance company has a different additional coverage such as flood coverage, family members' death compensation, temporary placement compensation if the facility is not livable, maintenance cost, design costs, work control, and so on. Please check with your agent or broker about the inclusions of your policy.

To find the best plans for your home, you must always compare available plans and options and also take a look at the terms and conditions from both the insurance companies and the OIC thoroughly.

How to Buy Burglary Property Insurance

BuyingBurglary Property Insurance is simple & easy

To apply for Burglary Property Insurance, we will need the documents from you as below (This applies to every insurance companies) :

  1. Complete the Application form via our website. Or buy through our staff through email or @LINE
  2. Send a copy of Passport(Foreigner) or ID Card (For Thais)
  3. Send a copy of the House Registration
  4. Pay Premium
  5. Immediate Protection (We will Send a Temporary PDF to you confirming your coverage)
  6. The original documents (policy) will be sent to your mailing address within 7-14 days
Documents can be sent as a photo via Email [email protected]

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