Home Insurance in Thailand, what you need to know?

For your peace of mind, read up on the benefits of Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Thailand, what you need to know?

Insurance. Do you just want to ignore it? Most people who see the word insurance want to run the other way until they really need it. Most people only buy insurance when they are in a situation where in insurance would be helpful. It may not be the most interesting subject, but it is essential for new homeowners to understand the importance of Home Value Insurance.

The thing about home insurance is that many landlords require their tenants to have coverage, maybe not in Thailand but for the most part of the world. Whether its required or not its smart to have this kind of protection anyway. Ill take this step by step as we walk through the basics of Home Insurance and the basics of this type of policy.

Home Insurance, what is this?

The elements of a standard insurance for your home would provide protection to costs related to

  1. Damage to the interior or  exterior of your house

  2. Loss or damage to your belongings

  3. Personal Liability for damage or injuries caused by your or your family or anyone who resides in the house.

The coverage for your home would usually be dependent on the amount you desire, usually you can split your coverage like lets say you want to insure your home for 3,000,000 baht. 2.5 million baht for the house and 500,000 for belongings and furniture. This would mean that you have insured your home for 2.5 million and your belongings would have an estimated value of 500,000.

How much does it cost?

The average premium per year here in Thailand would depend on the value of your house. If your house is estimated at 3.0 million you can get home insurance for 4,650 + VAT.


As with all insurance policies, they are under-appreciated until they are needed and then they quickly become something that has saved your life and your savings. Getting yourself set up with insurance can go a long way. Its really for peace of mind. You can compare Home Insurance in Thailand policies and find the best plan that suits you the most.