Expat Guide to Car Insurance in Thailand

Confused about Car Insurance, we can explain this to you.

Expat Guide to Car Insurance in Thailand

A lot can happen when you’re on the road and driving around especially if you’re driving around in a country that’s not your home country or in a country that you’re not very familiar with. That’s why it’s best to have insurance especially if you own a car. Thailand Car Insurance is quite big in scale as almost everyone who has a car will get car insurance because you never know what can go wrong especially in the streets of Bangkok. The good thing about Car Insurance in Thailand is that every insurance company has a 24 hour hotline and most of them have a 30 minute guaranteed arrival time at the accident scene.

Let's explore the different options for Car Insurance In Thailand

1st Class Insurance

Fully comprehensive Insurance, first class insurance covers you and your car on most accidents leaving you with the comfort and peace of mind. First class insurance includes coverage for both your car and the third party’s vehicle from accidents, theft, and fire.

This is the most popular kind of insurance for cars, as clients want full coverage for their cars. There’s a wide array of range for different cars, the price of first class insurance usually depends on your car model and how much you want your car insured.

2nd Class Insurance

This type of insurance usually covers your car for a much lower amount than the value of the car, the main purpose of second class insurance is to cover third party damages and a little cover for your car when it gets damaged or if it gets stolen or caught on fire.

3rd Class Insurance

There are two type of Class 3 Insurance, 1 is Class 3+ - this type of insurance offers coverage for own damage but not the full amount. It offers some coverage but not for fire and theft. If you are looking at Class 3 - then this type of coverage won’t give coverage to your car as this coverage is only for third party liability.

For other Insurance companies, you can also buy a Motor Add-On, depends on what you want. Some insurance companies, offer 24/7 roadside service for your car and some also offer replacement vehicles for when your car is being repaired. This is on top of the insurance premium that you pay, it would make your life a lot easier but it's also a cost you have to take into account.


There are some first class insurance policies that offer deductible amounts. Usually, it's 5,000 baht per accident. This would make the premium for your car 30% cheaper.

Car Insurance can sometimes be complicated, especially for foreigners. Talk to your broker, or your insurance agent and ask your questions as I am sure they would be happy to. For questions about Car Insurance, you can also email [email protected]. You care also compare car insurance plans and prices Car Insurance Thailand.

Make sure you have the best coverage for your car. Let us help you!