5 Things to ask before the big move

Moving to another country can be taxing, the best way to go about is to have a guideline of what to do before you move.

5 Things to ask before the big move

Expats move countries all the time, moving is so normal to them that they’ve basically mastered the process itself. Sell, Pack and Go. Since you can’t take everything with you, you have to limit your baggage by selling items to make everything easier for the move. Others have moving expenses, this means they can bring everything they own with them, but not all expats are as lucky. Other expats have everything taken care of, others have to figure stuff on their own. So what are the basic things you need to know before the big move? I have been a member of a group of expats on Facebook and here are the most common questions people ask before they move.

  1. What is the best network provider?

Research the country you’re going to and figure out what network would be best for your needs, other networks have great signal when you’re on the phone but their internet services are a bit lacking. So focus on your needs and get the network that’s right for you. In Thailand, the best providers are AIS and TRUE.


  1. What bank can I open an account with?

When you get to your country, chances are you still don’t have the proper papers as they will be working on it when you get there. Other banks only allow you to open an account with them if you have a work permit or proper visa. In Thailand, Bangkok Bank allows you to open an account even on a tourist visa.


  1. What area is the best place to live in?

Ofcourse, this depends on your work. You want to live close to your work, but then there are others who don’t mind the commute as long as they get to live in the City center. In Thailand the best place to live is near the BTS. Convenience is the reason why this is where a lot of people choose to live. Even if you are in a far off station, as long as you live by the BTS, everything  is convenient.


  1. Food. Where to get this? Where to get that?

All of us are used to a certain type of food or diet, we want to know that we still get that, even if we are moving to a foreign land. If you’re staying in an area where its hard to get imported products the best way is to shop online. There are specialty online stores that cater to expats. If you live in a big city that’s used to expats like Bangkok and Singapore. Chances are you won’t have a hard time.


  1. What insurance should I get?

Insurance is a very important issue when you’re moving around a lot. Most companies, especially big ones shoulder the cost of your insurance. Although some will ask you to find your own insurance. In this day and age, we rely on the internet to find the best deals for us. A very good in-depth explanation on Insurance in Thailand is found in this article. If you want to compare the Health Insurance providers in Thailand the best way is to find a good comparison site like : Mister Prakan.  They provide all the information you need and also they help you get the best deal that suits your needs.