What are the exclusions when it comes to health insurance?

Understand the exclusions when applying for health insurance

What are the exclusions when it comes to health insurance?

Health Insurance companies all have different rules but there are major exclusions that will help you decide with insurance companies here in Thailand. Its different with every company but here are some of the major exclusions that come with every policy. 

1. Pre-existing conditions

This is the number 1 exclusion, if you have an existing illness, this will immediately not be covered, this and the effects of this illness. Lets say you are obese, this is considered an illness and if you are obese the illnesses that obesity can cause will no longer be covered. 

2. Accidents that happen while you are drunk or under the influence

If you are driving a car or a motorcycle drunk or under the influence of any kind of illegal drugs or narcotics and get into an accident, your insurance provider will be notified and you will not be covered. 

3. Sexually Transmitted diseases. 

Not all insurance companies include this as an exclusion but most of the companies have a lifetime cap on HIV and AIDS. 

4. Activities you are not licensed to partake

If you want to scuba dive, its fine as long as you are accompanied by a license PADI instructor. Usually dangerous sports need licensed professionals to guide you and if you are doing dangerous sports or activities illegally then you will not be covered if you get into an accident. 

5. Acts of war and terrorism

Most of the insurance companies in Thailand do not cover war and terrorism because they leave it to the government to take care of these costs. 

These are just some of the exclusions that are common in the policies sold in Thailand. None of the Thailand insurers will cover your pre-existing conditions so it might be better to stick to your international insurance in your case but if you decide to live in Thailand, having an insurance company that is local is also best you just have to read up on their exclusions. For more information or questions please contact : [email protected]