Health Insurance Requirement for Retirement Visa In Thailand

What are the insurance requirements for getting the 10 years retirement Visa? This article will discuss the minimum insurance requirements for the 10 year visa.

Health Insurance Requirement for Retirement Visa In Thailand

To start this article let me first tell you all the requirements for the 10 year retirement visa in Thailand.

1. Must be 50 years of age

2.The Fee for the visa is 10,000 THB

3. The applicant must have a balance of 3 million baht or evidence of monthly income of 100,000 THB / month.

4. Medical Insurance

5. 90 days reporting

This list is just a brief summary and its best to do more research than this article as this is focused mainly on the insurance part of the requirements.

One of the requirements would be Medical Insurance with 1 year validity.

Here are the minimum insurance requirements to acquire this 10 year visa

Medical Insurance of 10,000 USD coverage which amounts to roughly 310,000 to 320,000 / year / disability coverage. Best to buy Health Insurance with 350,000 or above to be sure.

In addition to this, coverage also has to have an outpatient add-on of 1,000 USD coverage or 31,000 - 32,000 / year.

There are so many plans that meet this requirement in Thailand. The best way to be sure is talk to an agent or broker before purchasing or making the decision.

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