Top 10 Health Insurance companies in Thailand

Most popular health insurance companies in Thailand that you should know!

Top 10 Health Insurance companies in Thailand

Health insurance is not that popular in Thailand, especially for Thais, as they have cover with their Social Security but more and more people have been seeing the benefits of having private health insurance as this is easier to use and the benefits are far better than what the Social Security insurance offers. Also with the soaring medical cost, health insurance is becoming a necessity. Here are the top 10 Health Insurance companies in Thailand.

  1. Bupa

Bupa is the biggest name in Health Insurance in Thailand, it’s almost impossible to look for health insurance and not mention Bupa as their presence is very big in Thailand. Most people go for Bupa because they have a 24 hour English staff that will take care of you and this is a must for expats who are living in Thailand. Bupa international is considered one of the best names in health insurance worldwide and while Bupa Thailand is different, they have a bigger hospital network that most insurance companies operating their business here. This works well for the consumer as they can just go to any hospital in Thailand and the transaction will be cashless.

Some people consider Bupa to be more expensive than most, but they do have plans that range from budget to premium. You can check their Bupa 
Health Insurance Plans and compare their plans.

  1. AXA

Axa is a large international company, that’s why it’s no surprise that people want to be covered by AXA health insurance, they have different plans for different budgets. AXA health plans are more expensive than most insurance companies but they do offer more benefits as well, they do not have a waiting period when it comes to medical claims, as compared to most insurance companies.

  1. Pacific Cross

Pacific Cross is one of the growing insurance companies in Thailand, they have been going against Bupa and succeeding as well. They have more choices than any other health insurance provider and also have cheaper rates as compared to others. The good thing about Pacific Cross is that they have an Expat department that takes care of clients who can only speak English. They also offer worldwide assistance via Assist America Hotline.

Pacific Cross also has a wide network of hospitals that offer cashless claims. They have over 300 hospitals in Thailand and a few scattered around South East Asia. You can check and compare their Pacific Cross Health insurance Plans at our website.

  1. LMG

LMG is new to the game but they are very determined, they have quite a few interesting plans that are affordable. The good thing about LMG is they process your application as fast as they could but they can only accept applicants up to the age of 60.

They have 5 budget plans and 2 plans that offer full coverage for inpatient and outpatient. The 5 budget plans are called “Universal Plan” and the Full coverage plans are called “Elite Series”. Their hospital network list is almost the same as Pacific Cross so they are very competitive as well.

  1. MSH

Although MSH cannot be considered budget, they do have a good name. If you want the gold standard of insurance MSH is definitely a top choice. As an international company they do have a reputation to maintain. They have different language speakers that can assist you no matter where you’re from. They do have 2 types of Plans one is the Asia Care First which is more premier and expensive and the second one is Asia Care Plus which is more budget friendly.

Although MSH has higher premiums than most they also have a good track records and also offer Cashless claims in selected hospitals in Thailand. They have full cancer cover under all plans with no restriction and caps. You also have the freedom to choose your own treatment provider whether here or in any country of your coverage.

  1. NZI

NZI healthcare insurance plan is under Safety Insurance which is one of the biggest insurance companies in Thailand. It offers world class cover and service provided by 2 of the world’s largest insurance groups. You also have a Local English and thai speaking team for client convenience. They take new policy holders up to 74 years of age and no cut off age for existing policy holders.

NZI is considered one of the best international plans in Thailand, although their prices may be expensive they do have excellent coverage and world class service.

  1. Thai Vivat

Thai Vivat is an established Thai Company and the insurance that they have offers a wide range for people with different budgets. You get free choice of hospitals, stable premiums for financial planning and a selection of flexible premium rates. They have global coverage 24/7 and lifetime renewal guaranteed.

  1. AIA

AIA or Insurance Thais is one of the most popular health insurance plans in Thailand as it is also life insurance, you can buy life insurance that is partnered with Health Insurance. It is also a little bit more complex that buying just regular health insurance because it’s partnered with Life Insurance.

  1. Navakij

Navakij is one of the best insurance companies in Thailand when it comes to motor insurance, although now they are venturing in to the health insurance game, they also have quite a few plans that are mostly focused on Thai Consumers.

  1. Dhipaya

Dhipaya is one of the biggest insurance companies in Thailand, they have recently released health insurance plans that are focused on expats. It is affordable and the coverage is reasonable as well. They have 4 plans, two of which have deductibles to make the insurance cheaper which is very reasonable. To check out their plans, go to our website and compare.

Insurance is a very big industry in Thailand, but most of the companies have just started venturing in Health Insurance, most of them are just starting and most of the Big names in Insurance are international companies. If you’re looking to buy health insurance the best way to compare all these companies and see the reviews of each one. Talk to your local broker and ask what company is best suited for you.