Difference between Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

What kind of Insurance do you have? Accident or Health?

Difference between Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

Many people have accident insurance and they confuse this with health insurance. The difference is vast. Accident insurance usually only covers you for accidents and there’s also a limit. If the accident insurance is worth 500,000 usually for medical expenses you will only be covered 10% of the insured amount.

Health Insurance is different, you are covered for anything related to your health, be it accident, illness or a virus. Your health insurance like anything will also have general exclusions

General Exclusions would be:

  1. Self inflicted injuries
  2. Injuries obtained during a brawl
  3. Drunk driving
  4. Suicide
  5. Acts of war and terrorism

These are the general exclusions most insurance companies have, but health insurance would pretty much cover you for everything related to your health. This also depends on your cover.

Accident insurance is different, this covers you for accidents only and the amount insured will be given to you or your beneficiary in case of death or dismemberment.

Be sure about your coverage, check what you’re covered for.