Should you go for high health insurance cover?

There's so much to choose from, how much health insurance cover do I really need?

Should you go for high health insurance cover?

The coverage of insurance is mostly dependent on the person, usually when a person gets older they tend to invest more in their policy and coverage. For the young ones the basic kind of insurance is just enough. Of course never buy more than you can afford is always the deal but also insurance policies can also save you from financial trauma.

There are different types of insurance cover and although we always recommend the best cover possible, what is best usually is dependent on the person buying it. LMG and Pacific Cross are by far the best ones in Thailand when it comes to coverage and cost. They have plans that cover you up to 80,000,000 THB per year and a lot of people this is unnecessary. With these kinds of plans you get first class treatment and you really get what you have paid for. If you are in any case admitted to be observed in the hospital you will be charged to a good room with services. Also most of the higher priced plans already come with outpatient services that you can also use to go to a doctor for a checkup.

Not everybody needs this kind of service or most haven’t been in the hospital for 10 years or more so if you’re that kind of person the better plan would just be to go for a basic plan that will cover you in case something happens.

High Health insurance covers are good, in the end you as a person would know how you are as a person and how you are health wise. As a person you know the health plans that you want and need. The case is not high health insurance cover, the case is always how much coverage would give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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