How to apply for Health Insurance?

Applying for Health Insurance in Thailand. Requirements and questions you should ask.

How to apply for Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is very important once you land in Thailand, not because healthcare is expensive but because its easier getting around hospitals once you have insurance. Also, you don’t need to worry so much about the expenses that you are not ready for. Insurance is about peace of mind and this is the best thing about it.

Applying for health insurance is quite simple if you think about it, its just the application process can be a lot of work sometimes especially if you have medical conditions or you’re over 65. If you have medical conditions, the insurance company would ask for exams or lab tests to figure out the extent of your illness before they give you an insurance offer. If you’re over 65, they would need to see your medical records so they have a clear vision on what to expect from you as a client. But after all the medical exams and records its quite simple.

  1. Submit an application form
  2. Submit a copy of your passport
  3. Wait for the Insurance company to give you an Insurance Offer
  4. Sign the Insurance offer

Its very simple and you always have brokers to assist you in this matter. To compare and buy insurance go to this link and start comparing :

Always ask questions before signing anything, the thing with health insurance is that it caters to different people so plans and policies are different. So before signing anything make sure that the plan suits your needs and your hospital choices as well. Ask if the Insurance company caters to the hospital near your place or if the coverage is enough to cover your hospital choices. There are many things that you should consider but always make sure that the coverage suits what you want. Health Insurance is necessary but its also not something you want