Expat Guide to Thailand Health Insurance

Examining the state of medical provision and health insurance for expats in Thailand

Expat Guide to Thailand Health Insurance


Before leaving your home country, make sure you have at least the basic kind of insurance in case something happens to you on your first few days settling in. Some people buy travel insurance or personal accident just to have peace of mind, while insurance in Thailand is fairly easy to get, its better to be safe by having temporary insurance before making the move. World Nomads is one of the largest Travel Insurance providers online. 

Hospital Fees

Thailand is basically a good home for a large number of expatriates all over the world. Its medical services have improved significantly over the past 20 years. Of course a lot of work still needs to be done but the advances have been phenomenal. 

Hospital fees are properly structured and patients should not feel that they are prey to unscrupulous charging. Nursing care is inexpensive, both in terms of professional attention and room and board. Basically prices vary widely between hospitals. Some people use public hospitals but most expats use private international hospitals which would cost almost the same as it would in the U.K. 

Social Security Insurance

If you have a job in Thailand, you are paying taxes to the Thai government. Meaning you are entitled to use their Social Security Insurance. There are certain hospitals that can treat your illness or accident for free. You have to pick the right hospital, one that is near your place or where you work as this is where you can be eligible to use the benefits. Of course the downside to free medical care would be the long queues and the service might not pass western standards. But its free and you are paying for it through your taxes!

Private Insurance 

There are 65 million people in Thailand and only 10% have private medical cover. Despite the economic crisis and the state of Thailand politically. Health Insurance sales are growing and the market is strong. This is evident in both the individual and company paid sectors. 

There are over 35 companies licensed to sell medical cover to expatriates and the local population in Thailand. The current market leader is Bupa with 33 percent of market share. The other players are Cigna, Bangkok Insurance, Dhipaya and AXA. 

With the boost of expatriates relocating to Thailand more and more companies have taken notice and are now moving their business here. Companies like Liberty Mutual Group and Pacific Cross have now become key players in providing affordable Health Insurance for expatriates. 

Expat Insurance. 

While there are other websites that are known internationally the best way to go to an Insurance Broker and talk to them about your options. There are so many players in the Insurance game and most of them are good but you can stumble upon some really expensive ones as well. A broker can give you advice on what you need and what’s suitable for you and/or your family. Also, they get to give you more options compared to going directly to the Insurance company.

To have a more in depth look into the state and process of health insurance in Thailand go read more in this BLOG. It gives you more comprehensive tips and a full process.

In the end, no single insurance company will offer the best deals that will suit every consumer, it is always best to compare quotes from different providers. 

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