Lets talk about coverage

Insurance coverage guide for Insurance newbies. Let us list down the different types of Insurance coverage for you

Lets talk about coverage

Inpatient Coverage.

This will give you the basic insurance coverage, including room and board, general nursing services, charges for ICU, Hospital charges, Physician’s daily visit, specialist’s fee, emergency outpatient treatment, surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, theatre charge and surgical fee all in all. These are the basic parts of your coverage. This means that you have to be admitted to be able to avail for the insurance or the emergency room. If you are looking for basic insurance for emergencies, then Inpatient coverage is all you need.

Going to the doctor in Thailand is not that expensive, so this is quite reasonable for people who are almost never sick and just want insurance in case something happens.

Major Medical Coverage.

This is not a common thing in Thailand as most of the insurance coverage plans in Thailand have a limit per time.  If in any case you would want to add major medical coverage to your plan. So let’s say your plan has a limit of 30,000 for miscellaneous hospital charges, major medical coverage covers the rest if incase you exceed your limit. Major medical coverage is an optional add on to most plans.

Outpatient Coverage.

Outpatient coverage helps you in minor cases in which you need to go to the doctor for a check up or a mild illness. Outpatient coverage covers lab exams, xrays and the such. This is for when you need a check up for a two week cough or anything that is not emergent. If your plan is good then it also covers outpatient surgery that is required and suggested by your doctor.

Dental and Vision Benefit.

Dental and Vision benefit is also an optional benefit. There is usually a co-payment and a limit when it comes to these things. More often than not, having a dental and vision benefit is more expensive than just paying for it yourself as these things are cheap in Thailand.

Coverage is always confusing but if you talk to the right people they will lead you to the right directions and they will give you satisfying answers.

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